Strategic Advice

Insparcom voor de juiste richting

Strategy is all about making  the best choices possible about the future. As a strategic advisor Hans assists  leadership teams of organizations in making these best choices in order to improve the outcomes of their organization for the future. Hans advises on change management, crisis management, leadership,  logistics, innovation and cooperation between government and the private sector. Contact me.


Dagvoorzitter @JLN

Substantive and in-depth discussions with room for humor? A presenter who challenges speakers and involves those present? An engaging event is guaranteed with Hans chairing your conference, workshop or (gala) dinner. Read more…

Innovation accelerator

Divemaster Hans

A fresh look at the challenge? A lateral look at the problem? An elephant path where nobody expects it? A disruptive twist of thought? Hans inspires you to look from a different angle and comes up with unexpected perspectives and creative solutions.

Keynote Speaker

Hans Damen Spreker en Dagvoorzitter

Hans is a vivid story-teller and speaks with content and humor about cooperation, logistics, leadership, social media and the network society. Interactive and tailored to the target audience What can we learn from the Army, Defense, Society 3.0, major military thinkers and Mao Zedong? Read more…

Rob Bauer

He makes change happen

Hans Damen not only talks about the need for change, he walks the talk and makes change happen.

Admiral Rob Bauer
Michel van Buren

With intelligence, humor, his own input and respect…

Hans was the chairman of our annual "Survival of the Fittest" congress in 2017. We could not have wished for a better one. With intelligence, humor, his own input and respect for the insights and experiences of others, Hans was the connecting factor between the different speakers that day.

Michel van Buren
Jasmijn Baldinger

A real game changer

Hans is a real game changer who likes to explore and enter unknown territory. Where there's a will, there is a way. Hans's energy and drive are inspiring and infectious.

Jasmijn Baldinger
Vice President / Cap Gemini
Gerard Schiebroek

He always strives for win-win

Hans is great to work with: authentic, out-of-the-box and he always strives for win-win.

Gerard Schiebroek
Managing Director / Visma | Raet
Machiel van der Kuijl

Straight to the point

Hans is a great networker, straight to the point; a tad impatient; transparent, allergic to nonsense and moreover Hans is also very funny.

Machiel van der Kuijl
Director / Evofenedex
Robert Rhemrev

friendly, professional, customer-oriented

Divemaster Hans is friendly, professional, customer-oriented and makes a valuable contribution to the Impian diving team. What a privilege to have someone with Hans' work experience as a colleague in your diving school.

Robert Rhemrev
Owner and Course Director / Impian Divers